Security and quality in service


Our service in detail:

  • Commissioning

    We will commission generator controls and low-voltage switchgears of all kinds for you. This includes conversions, modernisations and changing protection parameters.

  • Maintenance and servicing

    We offer support and execution at controls, maintenance and servicing measures for:

    • Generators
    • Switchgears
    • Motor starters
    • Protection tests
    • Circuit breakers and much more

    We are certified for repairing of ABB circuit breakers on ships.

  • Generator and protection device tests

    We use our Omicron test devices of the CMC356 series, to check your protection devices Synpol, Synpol-D, Symap, HIMAP or Deif-GPU, both at your site and at ours.
    After inspection, you will receive a test record as evidence for your classification society.

  • Thermography/spare parts

    Heat imaging has become one of the most important diagnosis procedures in preventive maintenance in the course of the last years.
    We specialise in finding defective parts and mechanics in your energy distributions with thermography.
    According to our analysis, you can adjust your maintenance intervals to avoid expensive waiting periods and downtimes.

  • Spare parts

    Quick availabilities of spare parts are indispensable in particular in shipping. With our close contacts with suppliers and our long experience in logistics, we can supply you with spare parts very quickly anywhere in the world. We even have many electrical engineering components in stock.

    • Command and reporting devices
    • Diodes
    • Relays and contactors
    • Voltage controller
    • Thyristors
    • Varistors
    • Converters
    • Circuit breakers and accessories (BBC/ABB SACE, AEG, MERLIN GERIN, SIEMENS, HYUNDAI, TERASAKI and many more)

For us, proximity means service

For us, these two concepts are inextricably linked. Therefore, AAE GmbH provides an individual and comprehensive service.

  • We commission, service and maintain.
  • We test protective devices.
  • Our thermal imaging camera, for example, plays a key role in ensuring the reliability of powered and power-consuming equipment. It reliably locates faulty components in electrical systems.
  • Of course you can get all spare parts in the low-voltage range from us.

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